Mosaic Gallery

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shalom feature

No. 25 Shalom

whimsical tree of life feature

No. 26 Whimsical Tree of Life

connected hearts feature

No. 27 Connected Hearts

hope feature

No. 28 Hope

skyline of pittsburgh feature

No. 29 Skyline of Pittsburgh

salaam feature

No. 30 Salaam

reaching out for connection feature

No. 31 Reaching Out for Connection

remembrance feature

No. 32 Remembrance

alisa speaks out feature

No. 33 Alisa Speaks Out

history tree of life synagogue feature

No. 34 History Tree of Life Synagogue

hope linda biggers feature

No. 35 Hope

honor of first responders feature

No. 36 In Honor of First Responders

Exhibit Photos

skirball exhibit
image 2 26 24 at 9.00 pm