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No. 36 In Honor of First Responders

Design: Lysa Lurie, Minneapolis, MN

Stained glass, fused, etched glass, mixed media, 2019

Mr. Rogers, the famous children’s television personality from Squirrel Hill tells that his mother used to explain that during a tragedy, one must look for the helpers. “Where there are helpers coming from the sides, there is hope”. This tile honors all the first responders who show up at our most difficult moments-those moments experienced both individually and as a community. These men and women run towards the danger- their only goal that of saving lives. And indeed, in the wake of this (yet another) senseless shooting there were countless stories of brave and selfless helpers.

I am honored and humbled to be working on this important collaboration with a group of exceptionally talented artists. This memorial will honor the lives and spirit of those lost in the synagogue tragedy in Pittsburgh, as well as all of those so deeply affected by this unimaginable act.

It is my hope that this artwork conveys a sense of hope and comfort-a visual reminder that out of great tragedy can come slivers of light that guide our way towards healing.

Our artwork sends a message of love, strength and unity, and a reminder that no matter where you live as a Jewish person today, you are not alone.

Lysa Lurie is an interior designer in Minneapolis. She has spoken out over the years at various public events to address the issues of antisemitism. This tile was created in conjunction with Heather Kruger.