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No. 38 Tree of Life Synagogue Logo

Design: Teresa White, Bothell, WA

Stained glass, silver beads, mixed media, 2019

I wanted to create an interpretation of the Tree of Life Synagogue’s logo. The mosaic represents a tree symbolizing strength, resiliency and commitment. My intention is to show compassion and support to the community and honor the congregants who are no longer with us. I’m sincerely honored to have been able to contribute to this beautiful representation of kindness, acceptance and hope. May this memorial be an everlasting tribute to those who that lost their lives.

I’ve enjoyed some form of artistic creation for several years as a way of creating balance and providing beauty to the world. In challenging times, mosaics have offered me an opportunity to heal and move beyond life’s struggles and make a positive contribution to my surroundings.

A favorite quote of mine: “We’re all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass