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No. 15 Snowdrops

Design: Rachel Davies, Dunblane, Scotland

Slate, aventurine, recycled ceramic mosaic, 2021

Snowdrops are often thought to be a symbol of strength, purity and hope. I live in Dunblane, Scotland, where snowdrops are one way of remembering the sixteen children and their teacher who were killed by a gunman in 1996.

I have created these snowdrops not only as a way to remember the victims of gun violence, but as a symbol of hope and strength for the communities who are left to cope with the consequences of such events.

I use a range of materials in my work, particularly those which allow me to create texture and dimension. Slate is one of my favorite materials to use-it is strong yet delicate and can contain a range of colors and surfaces. I also love using stone and smalti (a special type of glass for mosaics). I am a professional member and Chair of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM).

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